There are some rules to follow when you’re doing public relations for your start-up. Here’s a rundown of the basics and a few tips on how to get started.

1) Identify the right journalists and editors – Who do you want to reach? What kind of content do they cover? Find their email address and pitch them.

2) Reach out to them and pitch a story – Make a list of what your company does, who it helps, an interesting angle or anecdote about one customer that will appeal to that person’s interests, any recent developments in your industry or business model, anything new happening with your company. Keep it short (150 words max).

3) Understand what makes good PR

Based on broad google searches, here are some editors and journalists that have covered robotics companies recently (list compiled as of May 2021).


Name Media Designation Stories they’ve covered
Shin Watanabe Nikkei Asia Staff Writer

Chinese unicorn’s robot waiters ready to serve the world

Collin Furtado TechinAsia News Editor

Chinese unicorn to launch its robot waiters in Singapore, other markets

Jae Chia Vulcan Post Writer

Grab to trial robot runner, collects orders across several restaurants for faster deliveries

Daryl Choo TODAY Journalist Nanyang Polytechnic students develop robot guide dog on wheels to help vision impaired


Alfred Siew Techgoondu Writer In a Singapore mall, Grab powers up a robot for food deliveries

Alif Amsyar Channel NewsAsia Journalist First unmanned, cashless store powered by AI and robotics in the heartland

Mai Tao Robotics & Automation Writer SberAutoTech launches its first fully autonomous vehicle


Singapore mega-port implements Stäubli robot charging solution


Do these media focus on robotics?

If you check out the other pieces written by these journalists/editors, they usually cover other stories as well. This could range from technology, community to general news stories.


How to reach out to them?

You can connect with them via LinkedIn and drop them a message. Post about your business regularly.

At Grow PR, we have a 4Ps reputation mastery framework that we utilise to build strong, holistic brands for our clients.

You can draw inspiration from this framework when it comes to developing content/pitches to excite or interest the media.

Here’s the 4Ps:

Product – What? To introduce your revolutionary product

People – Why? To share the people behind the business and share their inspiration, motivations, challenges and journey.

Performance – Who? To make company announcements, share funding rounds and partnerships

Perspective – How? Thought leadership. To make news by commenting on current affairs, sharing data and trend pieces.


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