If you’re looking to be featured in the media and don’t really know how to go about it, one great way is to contribute articles to the media. This is great if your brand is serving business clients or your product/service is rather niche and your brand needs to create awareness and education in the specific area.


Here’s a summary of the media that you can contribute articles to, along with a summary of the type of content they are looking for. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. Depending on your audience and your industry, it would be best to identify the most relevant media that you can reach out to to get your word out.


How to pitch to media


If you decide to embark on this task of submitting articles to the media, the most important step is in developing a good understanding of the media that you’re looking to contribute to and the type of content that they typically publish.


One thing to bear in mind is that your piece cannot be promoting your business, or have any form of promotional content.


Be prepared to face rejection or even not get a response at all. Pitching to the media is really a trial and error exercise. If you don’t get a response, try a different media publication or a different media angle.


Some of these media titles receive a ton of submissions everyday and thus, only the ones with the most compelling angles or stories will get picked. 


These platforms usually have a mailbox where they accept contributions. If you don’t find it, you can try to look for the editors on LinkedIn and connect with them.


These contribution pieces are typically 700 – 1000 word long pieces.


Sharing your personal story


HuffPost Personal 

This section on HuffPost features raw stories of individuals, with headlines that are almost clickbait in nature. But, it is extremely personal, packed with real anecdotes, life experiences and a compelling story. 


TODAY Gen Y Speaks

As the title suggests, this column focuses on sharing the views of millennials. The column looks for different points of views that are not commonly discussed. From views on career, volunteerism to many other topics in between, it is a very personal sharing. 


Contributing views on start-ups and technology 


e27 | TechinAsia

When you think about technology and start-up media in Singapore, e27 and TechInAsia naturally comes to mind. In terms of news coverage, these media outlets are most keen on funding announcements.

Apart from these announcements, they also publish articles by contributors on the start-up scene covering topics ranging from fundraising, scaling a business to the digital economy 


TechCrunch Extra Crunch 

TechCrunch Extra Crunch is a column that can only be accessed by its paid subscribers. The articles are generally longer and written for a savvy audience. You would see topics that range from the future of work, start-up trends and opportunities to valuations.


Contributing views on business and careers 



Entrepreneur carries articles on starting and growing businesses. I have had a few successes in getting pieces published in Entrepreneur. However, when I recently reached out to them, they seemed to have a new policy of charging to place contribution pieces. I’m not too sure if this applies for all contributions.


CNBC Make it

CNBC Make It publishes pieces from contributors about work, health and wellness, money management and life. It is very focused on tips and advice to help people live, work and play better.


Inc | Forbes 

Similar to the media listed above, Inc features many contribution pieces on start-up related topics, strategies for growing businesses, innovation and technology. The platform reaches out to audiences who care about start-up as well as management and leadership related content.


Submitting news commentaries (Singapore media) 


The Straits Times Opinion | The Business Times Opinion | Channel NewsAsia Commentary

If you have a strong point of view on current affairs related topics, you can consider contributing an opinion piece to these media platforms. It would help if you have an academia background or are a qualified expert in your industry, as that would add weight to the piece.