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SMEs PR Case Studies

Tin Men Capital

Positioned them as thought leaders in B2B tech startups.

Key Highlights

  • Supported them with announcement news and interview pitches to position themselves as VCs focused on B2B tech startups.

  • Secured media interviews in local mainstream media such as CNA, Lianhe Zaobao, The Edge as well as regional media with BFM 89.9 and Digital Edge in Malaysia.

  • Strategic consultation and built strong working relationship

Pollisum Engineering

Secured features in The Straits Times, Zaobao, Nuyou and Zula among others.Generated media coverage that led to viral conversations online

Key Highlights

  • The company needed to profile itself as a desirable employer in the logistics arena. They were organising a Squid Game themed event and awarded a sizeable prize money to one of the migrant workers. They engaged our support to generate news for this incident.

  • We focused our angle on the story of the winner and communicated his hero’s journey of how he is planning to use the prize money to support his family. Within two weeks, we got the company featured in more than 100 media platforms including prominent titles such as Mothership, The Straits Times, CNA Lifestyle, Yahoo!, AsiaOne and more.

Baby Express

Pushed out founder's story and create news for her brand.

Key Highlights

  • Stacey wanted to create more awareness of her wireless and quiet breast pump and to advocate for more conversation surrounding breastfeeding in the workplace.

  • Positioned Stacey as a thought leader in the breast feeding product industry and shared her backstory.

  • The key takeaway was increased awareness of product's value proposition and the woman behind the brand

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