Testimonial for Grow PR, Christel Goh.

When Smoking Cabin SG was started, we wanted it to be really known and accepted in Singapore, especially since it was a concept which was widely accepted internationally but in Singapore is really new and unheard of. So when I was first introduced to Christel Goh, I thought my prayers were answered.

I consider Grow PR my outsourced PR service, something any business can have without the full expense of headcount to employ a staff specially for it. This also means that I can have a specific goal set, work with Christel, and when the goal is achieved, the project can end.
Christel is knowledgeable and widely connected. She is friendly and kind, generously in giving of time to understand about the Vision I have for Smoking Cabin SG and in advising what PR angle can be used to maximise the exposure of the brand. She worked with the corporate photographer and crafted Press Releases, releasing them to journalists at specific times in conjunction with our product Launch.

Christel was supportive from the start, and she was also upfront and open to share with me her feelings about the topic in question, that is, about smoking, and shared that it may be a sensitive topic so journalists may avoid attending the Launch. Knowing this, I understood that if the outcomes are not ideal, it is because of the sensitivity of the topic. However, more than 15 reporters from various newspapers still turned up at the Launch.

I attributed this to her network and connections, and her message to them, crafting it in a way I would not know how, that made them want to attend and cover the event in an angle which benefitted Smoking Cabin SG greatly.

We were featured on more than 30 newspapers eventually, news going as far as even London and Europe. This has helped us increase our position when we are pitching to Mall and office building operators, and even to government.

Thank you, Christel.

Stefen Choo
Smoking Cabin SG