The Magic of Bundling Stories for Your Pitch

Hello, fellow SME and Start-Up owner! Are you trying to pitch to media but do not seem to be getting a response?

Maybe your story angle is too weak, or the profile you’re pitching isn’t strong enough.

A way to tweak your strategy – is by bundling profiles together to form a stronger story, or to convince media of a trend.

This makes your story much more convincing.

Over the past two week, I got two local entrepreneurs onto two radio shows.

I did this by packaging both their stories together and offering it to media as a single pitch.

This is an excerpt of the pitch:

“Speak to local entrepreneurs this national day – Singapore has always been said to be a small market with limitations. But, there are many entrepreneurs serving the local community. How do they survive and thrive? Speak to them to find out.”

When you package a story of two – three interesting profiles or initiatives, it does these things and increases your chances of getting featured:

 1. Add weight to your story

The story may not be strong enough on its own. But, when packaged with other profiles or individuals, it becomes more substantial.

Maybe, it’s an increasing trend?

 2. It kills many birds with one stone

It helps you to secure more extensive coverage.

What’s better than securing coverage for one volunteer/staff/customer? Securing two or more coverages for two or more of these individuals.

3. It adds another dimension to your story

If your media pitch ends up sounding like an advertisement, it’s definitely not going to get picked up. It may sound very one sided if you’re trying to hard sell a product.

For example, if you’re selling plants, it’s going to be difficult to get a salesman featured talking about your plants.

Instead, you can pitch a topic on “easy houseplants and how they benefit you”, packaging interviewees such as your company representive and an external homeowner who has  green thumb.

Have you tried this before? Let me know!