Public Relations services to get start-ups and SMEs recognised…

Do you have a locally developed product, service, or a great story to tell? Are you doing something new in your industry? We would like to help you tell the world about your brand.

You need to get the word out about your brand, what you do, and your story. You might be wondering what you can do next to really grow your influence. And perhaps, you have already built your social media presence, and are almost (but not quite) satisfied with your brand awareness. You feel that not enough people know about you.

At Grow PR, we build successful PR campaigns to get our clients featured in the media.

We help you grow your influence.

It’s the best time to consider PR if :

  • you want to launch something new
  • you have an event coming up, and you really need PR to generate awareness and get people talking
  • Have limited lead-time, and need efficient and effective PR

We support start-ups and SMEs to grow in influence through media publicity . We get clients like yourself featured in mainstream, online media and by social media influencers. This is achieved without advertising costs. We do this by crafting unique PR angles to tell our client’s stories. Your stories.

We were featured on more than 30 newspapers eventually, news going as far as even London and Europe. This has helped us increase our position when we are pitching to Mall and office building operators, and even to government. – Stefen Choo, Director, Smoking Cabin SG

Whether your business is in the food, consumer, B2B or technology space, we would be able to find ways to tell your brand’s stories.

We offer a high-touch consultation service throughout the project.

Discover some of the customised components of our PR plan for you:

Press Releases

We craft press releases for our clients and angle their announcements in ways that would get them covered by the media. Press releases cannot be written like a brochure. It’s not about selling the positive attributes of your brand.

Once we determine that our client’s upcoming product/service is newsworthy, we will identify news angles and draft a press release to announce the launch.

Media Events

We help our clients secure media coverage at their events. We do this for the launch of new products or outlets.

We work with our clients to craft unique angles and messaging for their events, invite media to these events and disseminate the launch announcement to media.

Media Drops

We craft experiences in packages and identify a relevant list of targeted media. If our client is launching a new product or flavour, we will find a creative way to package the drop and share it with media.

This involves conceptualisation of the package, identification of relevant media list and sending out packages.

Profiling Founders

We find ways to tell stories of founders in the relevant media. Ranging from food to technology brands, we secure profile features for our clients.

We craft stories of how they were inspired, overcame challenges and achieved success.

Opinion Pieces

We build thought leaders by securing our client’s opinion pieces in media. We liase with targeted media to get topics for opinion pieces.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), together with PR, can be likened to as your hard hitting left-right punch for when it comes to dominating search results. Feel that your website isn’t getting the kind of presence it should be getting on its own?

Talk to us about boosting it today, using on-page SEO, with results that you can see in 6-8 weeks. For an example of this “left-right punch” of PR and SEO, Google “truffle chips Singapore” and see how many result pages our client, Aroma Truffle, holds.