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Do you want people to know your brand? At Grow Public Relations, we are a boutique PR agency in Singapore that partners with startups and small businesses like yours to tell YOUR stories in the media. If you’re a young brand who’s looking to grow in influence in Singapore, we help you achieve it at a fraction of what you’d normally have to pay in advertising costs.
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We craft unique PR angles to tell your stories in the media. Whether your business is in the food, consumer, or technology space, we are able to find ways to profile your brand in the media. As a boutique PR agency in Singapore, we offer and bring you a suite of a high-touch PR consultation services throughout the project.


In just two meetings, I was convinced to work with Grow Public Relations. Christel initially stopped us from rushing to commit to a PR project as the timing was not right, and only followed up two months later with a new direction.

Not only did we get featured in news articles and magazines read by our target audience. A radio interview also led to potential collaborations with big brands. I strongly endorse Christel for her professionalism and her ability to get the most out of the client’s budget, portraying the right brand image at the right time.

I strongly urge new tech companies, F&B and retail brands who are launching new products or promotions to get in touch with Grow Public Relations.

Christel was supportive from the start, and she was also upfront and open to share with me her feelings about the topic in question, that is, about smoking, and shared that it may be a sensitive topic so journalists may avoid attending the launch of the Smoking Cabin. Knowing this, I understood that if the outcomes are not ideal, it is because of the sensitivity of the topic. However, more than 15 reporters from various newspapers still turned up at the launch.

I attributed this to her network and connections, and her message to them, crafting it in a way I would not know how, that made them want to attend and cover the event in an angle which benefitted Smoking Cabin SG greatly.

We were featured on more than 30 newspapers eventually, news going as far as even London and Europe. This has helped us increase our position when we are pitching to Mall and office building operators, and even to government.

Smoking cabin - PR agency SingaporeStefen Choo, Director, Southern Globe Corporation

Christel has an excellent feel for gauging public opinion and protecting public reaction to certain campaigns. Best of all, her campaigns were universally successful, providing significant and measurable growth.

She worked with us to develop long term goals in terms of media relations and visibility and demonstrated the skills to implement plans which helped us achieve our goals.

She comes with my highest recommendation if you’re a business who wants greater credibility in the eyes of your target consumers. I strongly recommend that brands consult Grow Public Relations before embarking on any advertising campaign.

Public Relations Angles

Human interest stories work really well if the profiles have an interesting story to tell. Such as building product offerings from scratch, or overcoming great diversity in life.

We often secure positive media stories of start-up founders or second/third generation business owners.

In this example, my client, Jasmine Kang, Founder, Skinlycious formulated her own acne solution as she struggled with troubled skin since she was a teen.

PR agency for start-up and sme singapore Skinlycious casestudy

The best time to leverage on PR is when you’re launching a product/service. This gives the media something new to talk about. Announcements are often made to the media through a press release. When crafting a press release, the biggest mistake is to write it like a brochure. It’s not about selling the positive attributes of your brand.

We often try to address these questions in our press release — Why is your brand so different from what’s already on the market? What is the impact that it’s going to have on the public?

In this example, we announced the development of 300 cleaning robots by LionsBot International:

LionsBot International ST - Grow PR Case Study

If you have an accredited expert on your team, securing expert opinions would be a viable option for you. This person could be a professor or an expert accredited by a reputable board or organisation.

This is especially effective in response to specific events in the national calendar or current affairs issues. For example, a nutritionist can talk about how to eat in moderation during Chinese New Year.

In this example, our client, The Pique Lab, a science enrichment agency discussed how students can prepare for the PSLE examinations:

PR agency for start-up and sme singapore The Pique Lab casestudy

These pieces are authored by our clients and attributed directly to them. This is especially effective if your brand is targeted at business consumers. As you’re not offering something to the masses, you need to do a great deal of educational content that adds value to your consumers.

These pieces are great because they often offer backlinks to your brand’s website. This immediately boosts the authority of your site and increases your chances of being found on various search engines.

In this example, our client, HighSpark, a presentation and storytelling agency, authored pieces on how start-ups can prepare better pitch decks. This is content that their target audience is often searching so it helps them secure a captive audience. It also offers valuable advice, pointing their target audience to the right resources.

HighSpark - Grow PR Singapore Case Study

When you’re offering a F&B/consumer product or service, you need to think about the experience that you’re crafting for consumers. Bring this experience to media and influencers so that they can share it with the world.

A few ways that you can craft this experience is by sending packages to foodie related media/influencers. These can be beautifully designed packages of your product. If there’s a unique flavoured food product you’re launching, you can also send them a package of items that tells stories about the flavour itself.

If you own an F&B restaurant, you can invite media to tasting sessions of your new menu. By launching themed menus specific to festive occasions, you are riding on trends and giving media an exciting new place to check out.

In this example, we sent our client, Aroma Truffle’s package to various media and influencers and they were featured extensively. This led to a 54% spike in sales.

Aroma Truffle - Grow PR Singapore Case Study

If your brand requires you to educate the public on health or societal issues, you can consider conducting a survey on the public’s perceptions on a certain topic. These survey findings can then be used to generate news. We would announce the findings as a survey commissioned by the brand. This announcement helps the brand position itself as an authority in the industry and shows the public that it cares about the issue.

In this example, our client, Smoking Cabin SG conducted a survey on people’s opinions towards second hand cigarette smoke. As the company’s brand message focuses on creating a smoke free environment. This helps them to reinforce this message.

Smoking Cabin - Grow PR Singapore Case Study

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