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Food PR Case Studies

Canadian 2-for-1 Pizza

A surge in brand visibility and value perception

The Mission

Tasked to revive the brand and reintroduce to a younger market. Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza needed to rework their messaging through PR


  • Media Drops
  • Media Interviews
  • Media Releases
  • Media Pitching
  • Radio Giveaways

The Outcome

We came in, worked on profiling the leader to tell the brand story and pushed out their various products - meat-free offerings etc. After a span of six months, CEO Mohamed Abdullah, astutely observed a resurgence in the brand's visibility, particularly during trade events. He shared that it seemed as though the brand's presence had regained momentum, and people were once again becoming aware of Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza.

Other F&B clients include..

Hong Kong Mei Xin

The brand was introducing Avengers mooncakes during the midautumn festival. We disseminated a press release and followed up with media


Nibbles is a local snack brand focusing on healthy snacks. They introduced a unique Abalone macadamia nuts snack. We generated publicity for this and Sacha Inchi oil.

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